The Crown

The upper left side signifies that we are part of the Diocese of Palm Beach. The Diocese is under the patronage of Mary, Queen of the Apostles. Hence, the blue background and the crown with 12 stars.

Upper Right

The upper right side calls to mind that we are called to serve in imitation of Jesus. It recalls that mandatum that is commemorated every Holy Thursday and that is at the heart of our life of discipleship.


The red field symbolizes our school and religious education program where hearts and minds are formed according to the values of our Catholic faith. The torch of learning symbolizes the wisdom of the ages passed down through generations. The book represents the Sacred Scriptures and other scholarly works that Instruct us.

Lower Right

The lower right side contains the image of our patron, St. Jude. The color green is traditionally associated with the theological virtue of hope. We live in faith and hope and recall that nothing is impossible for our God.

The Cross

The cross in the center of the fields marks us as followers of Jesus.

The Shield

The shield of the Carmelite Order is in the middle of the cross and represents our faith as Catholics and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ of all his people.

The Phrases

Two phrases adorn the shield – While both phrases speak of the mission of the Parish, the first has become an important phrase in the lexicon of the School and the second calls in mind the mission of the Parish to evangelize.