Altar Guild

Members of the parish see to it that altar linens are clean and available for all church liturgies. It involves washing and ironing the linens used at the altar during Mass. This is a special ministry that directly assists in making our altar ready for the Miracle that takes place at every Mass.

Helen Vincennie


Altar Servers

Students who have completed the third grade are invited to become Altar Servers. Those who join are able to choose the Mass they wish to serve, and are called upon at times to serve at funeral and wedding liturgies. This is a serious commitment and it is imperative that servers be at the church fifteen minutes before their assigned time, dressed properly, and attentive to the priest during Mass. Training sessions are scheduled two to three times during the school year.

Fr. Christopher Iannizzotto, O.Carm.


Eucharistic Ministers

St. Jude’s Eucharistic Ministry was established shortly after the parish was formed to assist the clergy in bringing the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to the members of his flock. Ministers of the Eucharist distribute Holy Communion under both species (forms) at all weekday and weekend Masses as well as bringing Our Lord, present in the consecrated bread, to residents of eleven nearby nursing/retirement homes and to the homebound. Eucharistic Ministers are also entrusted with preparing the sacred vessels before Mass, dressing the altar before the Eucharistic prayer, and helping the priests to purify the vessels after Mass.

Practicing Catholics, at least 16 years of age who have received Confirmation, may become Eucharistic Ministers by attending two training sessions followed by a commissioning ceremony performed twice a year. Weekend Mass schedules are published quarterly, based upon each minister’s Mass preference and monthly availability. This ministry provides an excellent opportunity to establish a deeper personal relationship with Our Lord through service to His people.

Important Forms:

Barbara Batchelder



We reflect Christ by proclaiming the Word. Being a Lector is a special gift from the Holy Spirit to us. It affects our lives by making us more aware of the Holy Spirit in bringing God’s message to all who are present in the parish. We pray our enthusiasm for the reading will instill in at least one parishioner the desire to read the Word. Our primary work is to study and reflect on our assigned readings and to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us.

Lectors meet once a year, usually in early November.

Important Forms:

Alexander Kraemer



St. Jude Church has the benefit of having one of the most talented and highly recognized music ministries in the area helping to inspire our Mass services. The music ministry includes various groups:

Adult Choir

Junior Choir

Praise and Worship Group

Adult Bell Choir

Junior Bell Choir

Filipino-American Choir

Hispanic Choir

It is always a wonderful time to join the music ministry and you can assist us in this very rewarding experience! Rehearsals for the Adult Choir and the Junior Choir are held weekly in the Church. All students in grades two through eight are invited to join our outstanding Junior Choir.

Rosemary Stone, Music Director



St. Jude ushers act as faithful servants of the parish family and ministers of the church. They are servants of the faith-community at the highest moment of its self-realization when it gathers to celebrate the Eucharist. The primary responsibilities of ushers include:

Welcoming people as they enter the Church

Assisting parishioners with seating

Handling the offertory collections during the Mass

Assisting with emergency needs during Mass

Bringing a strong sense of community by their actions

Members of the Ministry of Ushers are assigned to the same Mass each week.

Sunil Barboza


our mission

St. Jude Parish is a Catholic Community of God’s People of the Diocese of Palm Beach located in Boca Raton, Florida, founded in June, 1979. We are a people of diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins united by God, formed by the Gospels, strengthened by the Sacraments and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We seek to deepen our personal union with Jesus Christ and to grow as a faith community.
We seek to enrich our heritage of care and concern for all by sharing God’s love and healing with the world around us. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we pledge ourselves to pursue this mission by participation in the liturgical, educational, and social ministries of the Church.
We recognize that to be effective, these ministries require spiritual, physical, and financial resources, and we accept our responsibility as Christian Stewards to provide these resources.