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The St. Jude Legacy Society

The St. Jude Legacy Society has been created to honor and thank the parishioners, benefactors and friends that want to ensure the future of the parish, as well as the programs and ministries we all enjoy, by naming St. Jude Catholic as a beneficiary in their Will/Estate or Planned Gift.

How do I become a member? A person (and their spouse) will be eligible for the Legacy Society upon making a gift to St. Jude Catholic Church and School in the form of: an Estate Bequest, Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust, Life Insurance Benefits, An Annuity, Trust or IRA Bequest or a Life Estate.

What are the benefits of the Legacy Society? The primary benefit of membership is the certain knowledge that you have helped develop and grow the ministries of St. Jude Catholic Church and School. In addition, members of the Legacy Society will receive: Initial recognition from the Legacy Society, Invitations to special Legacy Society Events; such as a special Mass and Luncheon honoring members and Recognition as a Legacy Society Founding members on our Website and other publications.

How will the Legacy Funds be used? Legacy gift will be used as designated by the donor. Three options are suggested, though other options may also be specified. General Funds Endowments (such as Ministry Endowments or School Scholarship Endowments) Other usage (designated by donor).

Thank you for your consideration to join the St. Jude Legacy Society. The life given us by nature is short, the memory of a life well lived is eternal! Your Legacy will continue on in perpetuity and provide the resources necessary for St. Jude to continue to do the good work it does every day for its parishioners, students and local community!


Please feel free to contact Barbara Sageman, Chief Executive Officer at St. Jude Catholic Church & School for any questions you may have about giving at 561-392-8172.

Note: This information is not intended as legal advice. For questions of a specific nature, please contact an accountant, attorney or other financial professionals.