Our Campaign

To address our needs and plans, we are initiating an intensive fundraising effort entitled "Illuminating our Future" campaign. Our aim with this important endeavor is to increase our awareness of good stewardship and the blessings God has given us so that we can raise the funds needed to build the facilities necessary, and ultimately address the spiritual needs of the church and school family. Our Goal is $4,000,000, which will empower us to build the Early Learning Facility, Gymnatorium and Administrative Building. This goal will include an endowment to allow us to maintain the building without putting financial strain on the church or school.

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e need all members of church and school – from those making their first campaign gift, to longer-term members who may have committed and pledged before to St. Jude – to contribute sacrificially, or to the best of their abilities, to what we hope will be the best and brightest campaign of our history.

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