Edith Stein Lay Carmelites

The Edith Stein Lay Carmelites provide a community for lay persons affiliated with the Carmelites (Third Order Secular) throughout South Florida. They gather for meetings, prayer, Scripture study, retreats and to recruit professions.The Edith Stein Lay Carmelites seek the intensity of the divine presence and the sweetness of the glory of heaven.

Meetings are held at St. Jude Catholic Church in east Boca Raton the third Sunday of each month from 1:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. They also meet the second Saturday of each month for Scripture study and twice per year for retreats.

Lerna A. Awit - Director


Haydee Rodriguez - Ministry of the Sick
Trica Mancini - Formation Director
Dr. Aurea Tomeski - Planning Coordinator
Lerna Awit - Treasurer


This Charismatic Prayer Meeting is open to all parishioners of St. Jude and welcomes visitors from other surrounding churches.

The theme of H.O.P.E is our focus: "He Opened Paradise to Everyone!" Please bring your bible and join in the Praise and Worship of the Holy Trinity as we join together in joyful prayer.

The H.O.P.E. ministry meets Tuesdays at 7:00pm in the church.

Fr. Richard Champigny:


Oil of St. Therese

The Carmelite saint most identified with roses is the Little Flower, St. Therese of Child Jesus, who often employed the imagery of nature in describing her relation to the Lord. Her last known photograph depicts her sitting in a wheelchair before the clister garden where she was assigned to care for as a novice, but now weakened by the advanced stage of tuberculosis at a tender age of 24, she utters a silent prayer as she slowly peels away at a rose allowing each petal to touch the crucifix which now lays on her lap.

It was on her deathbed where she uttered the most memorable analogous phrase with reference to the rose; she "would spend her heaven doing good upon earth...by letting fall from heaven a shower of roses."

From this legacy evolved a short but powerful aspiration, "St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore {state intention here}, and tell him I love him each day more and more." Tradition holds that if you say this short novena prayer, followed by five Our Fathers, five Hail Mary's and five Glory Be's each day for five days, you will receive a host of roses on the fifth day.

    During the Thanksgiving holidays in 1999, St. Jude Catholic Church, a Carmelite Community, was privileged to have a casket holding the mortal remains of St. Thérese reside on display for purposes of honoring, reverencing and petitioning this great saint. Fr. Timothy Maria Johnson, O. Carm. († 2016) a fervent devotee of St. Thérese and parochial vicar of the parish was instrumental in having this Spiritual Doctor of the Church come to the parish. For three solid days throngs of people from all parts of South Florida came to the Church. Fr. Timothy used his organizational expertise to accommodate the huge numbers which consisted of pious pilgrims forming ines from the Church door to the street, which is about the distance of the length of a football field (100 yards). Fr. Timothy estimated more than 60,000 people came to venerate the relics of this French discalced Carmelite nun who did not live beyond her twenty-four years. Soon after this event, Fr. Timothy received numerous phone calls and messages of gratitude, some of which were reported physical healing attributed to the Saint's intercession. Fr. Timothy, whose body was riddled with osteoarthritis would say in his own inimitable dry sense of humor, "yes, for these occasional pilgrims she helps retore health, and to me, I get nada". Nevertheless, from this event germinated the idea of having vials of rose oil (emblematic of the saint's love for roses) be available during the entire year for the parishioners to continue their prayerful devotion and symbolically represent their petition for healing through a thin application of the oil to the external part of the body where specific malady is located but not upon an open wound.

    In addition to the rose oil, Fr. Timothy instituted a prayer ritual employing a first class relic of St. Thérese (a small chip of her bone) that came into his possession many years prior to this memorable visit of the casket of his beloved saint.

    In the ancient tradition of the Church, the ritual consisted of dipping the relic into the oil while prayers for the relief of suffering and healing were said petitioning the saint to request of Jesus, the ultimate healer, to respond favorably to the anointed person if it be in accord with his divine will and infinite wisdom. Father Timothy was careful not to give a formal priestly blessing upon the oil so as to avoid the confusion that it would be perceived as an act of simony since Father, to cover his costs, was requesting a donation of $5.00 per bottle.

    Soon, stories of gratitude and various testimonies attributing a healing through the application of the oil and the prayerful intercession of St. Thérese began to trickle into his possession. He then started a portfolio of correspondence from those who were so deeply affected and motivated to express their gratefulness. News of the success of the oil and validation of Thérese's faithfulness to her promise "after my death, I will let fall a shower of roses spending my heaven doing good on earth" began to spread beyond the confines of South Florida and today the church ships the oil to interested parties including churches throughout the United States.

"My wife and I were given the sad news that she possessed a rare form of brain cancer, though the malignant growth was operable, we were informed the surgery was extremely risky. I always had a devotion to St. Thérese and when we heard the disheartened news, I immediately starting putting a little dab of the rose oil on her head invoking the intercession of this powerful saint. Miraculously, the operation was a success leaving no residual health issues but we were warned that it could return. It has been six years since the operation and I continually, on a daily basis, anoint her head with a dab of the oil and a short prayer of gratitude to whom I call "My Rose Queen". So far, there are no signs of a returning malignancy."


A.P.,Gathersburg, MD

Ten years ago, my husband had x-rays for back pain and they found a growth on his adrenal gland. It was small so the doctors said we would watch it. Last year, he again had x-rays to check it and it wa the same size, so the physicians said we will continue to monitor it. I was worried it should not be left there, but the doctor said it was ok just to wait and see. I prayed to St. Thérese to make his growth disappear. He went for another CAT scan to check it and they said there was no growth in the adrenal gland. Thank God and St. Thérese, our prayers were answered. Miracles do happen, and I know this was truly a miracle.


Boca Raton

Father Timothy, one of the complications of my 89 year old father's recent surgery was the inability to urinate on his own. It was attributed to the anesthesia. Three attempts by the urologist to remove the portable catheter with hopes of voiding naturally were met unsuccessfully. I sent my brother the St. Thérese oil and requested that he say a prayer for the intercession and to anoint my father with it prior to visiting the urologist. The very day my brother applied the oil, he began his natural flow. Thanks, mightly Little Flower.


Deerfield Beach, FL

Women of Grace

The Women of Grace Ministry helps Catholic Women renew and grow in their faith.

Women meet weekly, for nine weeks, in small goups to study, share, worship and learn more about their faith. The study uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church, music, text and the "Women of Grace" Study Guide.

Evening sessions meet on Mondays at 7:00pm in Room 6B, and afternoon sessions meet on Wednesdays at 12:30pm in the Conference Room.

Registration is required and space is limited.

Judy Yeager


our mission

St. Jude Parish is a Catholic Community of God’s People of the Diocese of Palm Beach located in Boca Raton, Florida, founded in June, 1979. We are a people of diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins united by God, formed by the Gospels, strengthened by the Sacraments and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We seek to deepen our personal union with Jesus Christ and to grow as a faith community.
We seek to enrich our heritage of care and concern for all by sharing God’s love and healing with the world around us. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we pledge ourselves to pursue this mission by participation in the liturgical, educational, and social ministries of the Church.
We recognize that to be effective, these ministries require spiritual, physical, and financial resources, and we accept our responsibility as Christian Stewards to provide these resources.